Demo Video

This video demonstrates how to get free registration and work with RDScreen service.

Demo Screenshots

Remote Desktop Screenshot - Registration
To start using RDScreen web service you should Sign In.
Capture Screens - Fill the From
You should fill the form. Please note the requirements for the password. Chose type of subscription. Free subscription is available!
Screen Shot - Wait for the Agent
A while after the registration (about 3-4 min) your custom Agent service software will be generated.
You should install the Agent software on every computer you need to get screens.
Get Screenshot - Install the Agent
You have two ways to install the Agent.
1. You can download EXE file and install it on every PC.
2. You can download MSI file and deploy it in your network through GPO.
You can read more about second way in FAQ section.
Remote Desktop Screenshot - Screens
RDS service will begin to receive the screenshots a while after deployment the Agent on computers.
You can see screenshots from the page Screenshots.
RDScreen - Download
Context menu over the screenshot will let you to view History of screenshots, change delay time, download the latest screenshot or delete current computer from the list.
Remote Desktop Screenshot - History of Screens
"History of screenshots" you can view, download or delete old screenshots.