Q: What is Remote Desktop Screenshot?

A: Remote Desktop Screenshot is a web service which is able to collect, and organize screenshots from computers with installed agent service software.

Q: Where does RDS store all the information?

A: Remote Desktop Screenshot stores all the information in MS Azure.

Q: Does it mean that my screenshots are available for everyone?

A: No. MS Azure has highest security level for data protection. Only authorized users can view only own screenshots.

Q: Is RDS secure?

A: Yes, it’s fully secure. RDS uses MS Azure storage with restricted access. Also, RDS always uses SSL protocol for all connections.

Q: Can I Capture Remote Screens for Free?

A: Yes, RDS has free subscription. You can read more about subscriptions plans at: Prices

Q: How can I install RDS Service on computer?

A: You can download the installation package on your Settings page.

Q: How can I install RDS Service remotely in my Windows Domain?

A: You can deploy the RDS Service over your network with GPO. Please read more How to use Group Policy to remotely install RDScreen in Windows Server 2012 Domain