Q: What is Remote Desktop Screenshot?

A: Remote Desktop Screenshot is a web service which is able to collect, and organize screenshots from computers with installed agent service software.

Q: Where does RDS store all the information?

A: Remote Desktop Screenshot stores all the information in MS Azure.

Q: Does it mean that my screenshots are available for everyone?

A: No. MS Azure has highest security level for data protection. Only authorized users can view only own screenshots.

Q: Is RDS secure?

A: Yes, it’s fully secure. RDS uses MS Azure storage with restricted access. Also, RDS always uses SSL protocol for all connections.

Q: Can I Capture Remote Screens for Free?

A: Yes, RDS has free subscription. You can read more about subscriptions plans at: Prices

Q: How can I install RDS Service on computer?

A: You can download the installation package on your Settings page.

Q: How can I install RDS Service remotely in my Windows Domain?

A: You can deploy the RDS Service over your network with GPO. Please read more How to use Group Policy to remotely install RDScreen in Windows Server 2012 Domain

Q: How can I do network inventory?

A: You can use our tool - Network Asset Tracker Pro Special Edition.
Special Edition (SE) has no ability to get remote screenshot and doesn't have the access to the remote processes. You can download it at http://www.network-asset-tracker-pro.com